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sleep anyone
onthemend53188 wrote in nopetodope64
so, is it just me, or is nearly fucking impossible to get a "full nights sleep" , whatever the fuck that is, even after you're not dopesick anymore. i know a kid whose been clean for almost two years off scag and he said that shit can last for months....i guy can only take so many walks, journal so much, watch so much bullshit T.V., listen to so much music and pace the carpets only so much. i talk to people about insomnia, they all say the same thing; go to medical, get some little pills that'll push you off into dreamland....i have nothing against people who pop pills, i've done my share, but at this point anyway, i don't think any drugs, needed or not are a good idea...cuz i mean c'mon, it's not that big of a strech. for me anyway, from taking a little pill to "get rid of my problem" to spike a vein....maybe that's just me, but i'm not even blowing grass anymore, cuz you know, fuck it, i went the route of having dope hold my hand through every little problem, what am i afriad of; facing life sober is gonna kill me? i don't think so

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