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onthemend53188 wrote in nopetodope64
Welcome, i started this community for people with a drug problem to convey their experience. how silly will i feel if no one post's, eh, fuck it, right? anyway, post what you're going through, trust me when i say that there are people going through the same thing as you, and we can learn from one another; what works, what doesn't, tools to cope with everything from withdrawal, cravings, bordem....the possibilities are endless....myself, i am a recovering heroin addict, i was a heavy IV user for 14+ years and just recently kicked my habit cold turkey, so i can use your imput just as much as anyone else...anyway, welcome, all comments and question will be posted



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Hey Friend, I am so glad you started this community...I've only just found out about live journal, I was looking for something where I could just write down how I felt because it somehow makes me feel so much better when I do.....Big massive pat on the back to you, what you have managed to do is amazing and don't you ever forget it. I've been a heroin addict on and off for nearly 15 yrs so know exactly what you have been going through and what you have accomplished by going cold turkey, it's not an easy feat by any means. I find that it's good to talk to others who you don't know and who are not from anywhere near where you live, it can be so beneficial. I just hope that you get this reply and that we can continue to corresponde with each other. I am currently drug free, luckily I stopped using last October then in February this year I found out I was pregnant so some big changes in my life. Yes it's still bery hard sometimes but it's something that I need to do. My biggest problem at the moment is my partner, he's also a recovering heroin addict but he's had an issue with prescription drugs namely valium, him being under the influence of them is causing major problems in our relationship especially since my pregnancy. All that for another day though. Truly I am glad you have started this group and I hope that I hear back from you real soon. Regards, Vicky x

okay, so, i just commented back and the screen had an error, thus destroying my long, rather heartfelt reply...fuck...anyway, this was the just...first off, congrats on your pregnancy, i have a couple of neices whom i love to death, mainly due to the fact that i can give them back to my sisters when they start acting a fool...next, it does help to talk, write, something that isn't dope related...i know that even when i wqas kicking talking help, albeit muffled by the toilet bowl, a lil dopesick humor, if there is such a thing...so...awesome that you were able to kick before you got preggers, i've known quite a few girls who got pregnant while using; some quit cold, which i understand is bad for the baby, most went on the methadone, and some kept using....at anyrate, congrats, welcome and yeah, post, comment or message as much as you want, it helps as much as anything can

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